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Explorer Program: Exploring Extreme Places

Join our ongoing virtual exchange with members of the MOSAiC Expedition! Read why Scientist Carolynn Harris is drawn to extreme environments here, and then hear her speak about her experiences with our partners at Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants. Please note: This is a previously-recorded video call, not a livestream event. This recording is available on-demand by clicking "Play" below. Want to learn more? Sign up for the MOSAiC Mondays newsletter.

Show & Tell: Seeking Dinosaurs in the Far North

It’s Anthony's turn for Show & Tell! Dr. Anthony Fiorillo and his team have been searching for dinosaurs in Alaska for over 20 years. He's sharing pictures and videos during the livestream event and answering your questions. Join on YouTube for the live chat. You might even see few dinosaur bones!

Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition to Antarctica

Are you ready to explore? Over the course of a month, join the Inspiring Explorers from the Antarctic Heritage Trust as they share their adventures from the bottom of the world! In this call, Owain is telling us all about the Antarctic environment. Read about the expedition to Antarctica, and then watch the livestream event to ask your question directly to expedition members! Here’s how to watch: Watch Live on YouTube: Click here to watch directly on YouTube. Participate in the live chat with other viewers on YouTube during the livestream and ask our presenters your questions directly. Watch On-Demand: Can’t make the [...]

Show & Tell: The Music of Brazil

It’s Julie's turn for Show & Tell! Musician and educator Julie Koiden is telling us all about Brazil and the lively music culture there. She's showing videos of some of her favorite music and live performances. Join live to hear them and ask her your questions!

Show & Tell: Citizen Science on Canada’s Great Trail

It’s Sonya's turn for Show & Tell! Since June 1st, 2019, Sonya Richmond has been hiking The Great Trail (24,000 km long!) throughout Canada. Curious to know what she has seen? She's sharing her experiences from the long trek and telling us all about the beautiful landscapes and wildlife she encountered. Join the livestream event to ask her your questions and learn more!

Show & Tell: Cristina Sánchez

It’s Cristina’s turn for Show & Tell! Cristina Sánchez is a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant from Madrid, Spain, who taught Spanish in Arkansas. She’s sharing Spanish culture and stories from her 8-month experience in the U.S. She will also be answering your questions during the livestream event!