MOSAiC Expedition: Dr. Matthew Shupe

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Dr. Matthew Shupe is co-coordinator of the MOSAiC Expedition, a year-long study of the Central Arctic ecosystem. The expedition’s ship, Polarstern, has been frozen in Arctic pack ice for nearly a year, offering a unique opportunity for an international team of scientists to study this remote region across all seasons. Dr. Shupe has been aboard Polarstern during the 24-hour darkness of the Arctic winter, but today he’s joining Reach the World’s partners at Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants to talk about summer in the Central Arctic! What did it feel like to float atop the North Pole? How does the Central Arctic change from winter to summer? What’s next for the MOSAiC Expedition? Let’s ask Dr. Shupe! Want to snag an on-camera spot for your students? Register here.

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