MOSAiC Expedition: Antonia Immerz

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Antonia Immerz is a Data Scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany. In her role as Data Manager for the MOSAiC Expedition, Antonia oversees the collection and storage of the expedition’s true prize: an entire year’s worth of detailed climate data from the very top of the world. As a participant in Leg I and IV of the expedition, Antonia worked in some of the harshest, most-challenging conditions imaginable. She set up power and data intrastructure in both the 24-hour darkness of the Arctic winter and the 24-hour sunlight of the Arctic summer. How much data did the MOSAiC Expedition collect? How was it transmitted? How will it be used now that the expedition has concluded? Read Antonia‘s virtual exchange article, Arctic Treasure: A Year’s Worth of Expedition Data, and then ask her your questions LIVE!

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